Secretarial Audit

Secretarial audit was enacted vide Section 204 of the 2013 Companies Act. It is a process to check compliances made by the company under Corporate Law and other relevant laws, rules, regulations and procedures etc. Under this, the regulators monitor companies for compliances as required by the stated laws and processes. We, CACS associated in several companies at least for more than 15 years and most of them continue to avail our services in this field.

In today’s complex business scenario, it is almost mandatory for ever company to comply with hundreds of laws, rules and regulations. Any non-adherence to compliances can be risky for the company. In order to stay abreast, it is important for organizations to conduct periodical examination of work in order to point out errors in order to maintain a roust compliance mechanism system.

It is argued that regular inspection of records gives the authority the exact information of the company’s compliance policy. For the uninitiated, only a member of the institute of Company Secretaries of India, who holds a certificate of practice, can conduct a secretarial audit and furnish the official Secretarial Audit Report to the Company.

Section 204(4) explains that, if a company or any officer of the company or the company secretary in practice, contravenes the provisions of the provision of the Act, the company, every officer of the company or the company secretary in practice, who is in default, shall be punishable with severe penal consequences.

Other Audits such as Internal Audit / Due Diligence Audits
  • Our services also include assisting in mergers, demergers, acquisitions, joint ventures, collaborations, Investments and other transactions, that comprise the acquisition of tangible and intangible properties.
  • Our areas of preliminary evaluation span across legal, financial and managerial sectors. Our aim is to ensure that the objectives of our clients are perfectly met. For this, CACS addresses critical issues alongside the assessment of legal documents.
  • We also undertake diligence audit for companies availing consortium or multiple banking arrangements.
  • Over the years, we have provided our unique services across the country. We are a focused community of experienced and trained professionals, who directly handle all projects. Headquartered in Delhi, our team is equipped with necessary infrastructure and network to carry out services effortlessly and on time.

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