Mergers and Acquisitions

We offer an in-depth understanding and expertise on legal and regulatory aspects of mergers and acquisitions. Over the years, we have understood that dealing with the regulatory aspects of the takeover codes of the SEBI requires a strong foothold in the legal comprehension and ability to make swift decisions, especially from the perspective of the acquirer or target, as the case may be. We are confident in the prowess of our teams’ experience in tackling such situations from handling numerous cases and comprehensively focused studies.

Our team is adept in undertaking all matters that arise in most assignments, which includes the structuring of the deal, while synchronizing the objectives of the parties. Over the years, we have realized that these issues play a pre-dominant part of negotiations where taxation plays a significant role in shaping the structure of the transaction.

Our Mergers and Acquisition practice includes:

  • Study of options available to choose the best mode of acquisition
  • Carrying out Due Diligence Audit
  • Fixing of consideration
  • Determination of Transaction Accounting Method and issues related to the same
  • Drafting the necessary transaction documentation, such as the agreements on business acquisition, asset acquisition, share purchase and the Scheme of Merger or Demerger management of legal and regulatory compliances
  • Valuation of enterprises, brands and businesses.

Negotiating Share Subscription and Shareholder Agreements

We do specialize in advising our clients in drafting and negotiating terms of subscription agreements right from term sheet or Letter of Intent or MOU stage and provide complete confidential support to our clients until consummating of the transaction. Our experience in practice for more than two decades will help evaluate a clause in the agreement not only on the basis of statutory requirements and laws that apply to that subject but also in arriving at logical inferences and conclusions and accordingly assist and advise our clients to take a view on the impact of a clause such as an exit clause or drag along clause or pre-emptive rights clause or waterfall arrangements so that devoid of the jargons clients are able to focus what are their rights and obligations and whether there are risks and whether they are capable of being performed / achieved so that transaction is entered into after being fully aware of all the intricate aspects associated with the transactions.

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